Our Alliances

SiiR Group is closely associated with Kupenya Consortium, a major global construction consortium and global infrastructure and real estate developer based in Ireland.  Kupenya is focused primarily on the development and redevelopment of urban areas, and that relationship enables us to provide financed turnkey solutions for both BOT and BOOT model construction projects.


Freshwater Group is an executive advisory group. We provide a platform for our key business relationships, predominately in the property,resources, infrastructure and agriculture, with managing and delivering integrated funding solutions.

Our fee structure is simple, transparent and aligned with our clients and the value of their businesses and investments.

We hold an Australian Financial Services License and also provide discretionary management of funds and implement investment choices in consultation with our clients. We take responsibility for managing investment performance, compliance and risk management.

A socially and environmentally responsible approach to business underpins Freshwater Group’s operating principles. It creates long term value for the communities in which we live and work.

Freshwater Group is based in Sydney and owned by its founders Freshwater Group.

The ARC Financial Network

The ARC Financial Network specializes in value-based financial systems directing transactions, assets and resources for collaborative project outcomes. The ARC Financial Network delivers innovative project funding solutions, strategic relationships and the sourcing of unique project funding alternatives through capital markets and international private banking platforms.

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