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“Our Management Team has a diverse skill base. Each member has a demonstrated capability in protecting value during difficult market conditions and delivering positive outcomes.We are committed to building and preserving asset value and managing business risks. They all have relevant project experience from concept through design, in banking, finance, management, communications, engineering, procurement, construction, turnkey and operations for a range of projects in resources, property, infrastructure and environmental remediation.“

John Pacholski


John is a Director and Principal of Freshwater Group of Companies.  Over 40 years, John has held senior executive positions as a Director, CFO or Corporate Advisor focusing on project and finance risk assessment, due diligence, securing project finance, structuring and financing major transactions in infrastructure, real estate, M & A and fund management.

Gerry Holtzhausen

Vice Chairman

Gerry is Cofounder and  Chairman of the Kupenya Consortium, 9501 Syndicate Alliance and UrbanSmart Enterprise and Vice Chairman of SiiR Capital Partners. He has specialized expertise in business planning, project finance, negotiating infrastructure and housing agreements, providing programme and project management services, and for procuring specialized contractors and management for projects.

Evan Elliot


Evan is a Director and General Counsel/Company Secretary of the Freshwater Group, an Australian licenced wholesale funds manager who, through its strategic relationships in Asia/Pacific, has developed a regional capital raising, investment, development and management business for large, socially responsible, developments and infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Roy Davis


Roy is Chairman of SiiR Capital Partners . He brings a wide-range of disciplines and expertise to the transformation of the SiiR Group into a world-class infrastructure and real-estate development enterprise. He has senior executive experience in business and consumer marketing, advertising and communications, mining engineering, technology, finance, and strategic business planning.

Lynn Shively


Lynn has over 30 years of diverse executive experience in sales management, business consulting and finance that have helped his clients significantly improve their business performance. He has specialist expertise in operations, building institutional organizations, implementing corporate programs, process design and implementation, in addition to management systems and tools.

Roslyn Woods


Roslyn brings over twenty-five years’ experience in business and finance with a focus on asset and resource compliance, optimal asset utilization, alternative investments, project contracting and disbursement platforms. Her international advisory, management and strategic planning experience, together with her role as a Cofounder of AcceleratorARC Platform and Ecosystem, has placed an emphasis in the areas of socially responsible investment, sustainable resource platforms and public-private funding initiatives. This expertise has helped her support and develop strategic relationships and alliances that focus on economic and environmental solutions, community-based, master-planned projects and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Dr. Nico de Klerk


Nico is a Co-founder, shareholder and Chairman of Kupenya Consortium. He has a PhD in Management of Technology and Innovation from the Da Vinci Institute and a MSc in Business Leading (MBL Strategic Management) from UNISA. He has had a long and successful career in project management and human resources, rising to become Chief Executive at Breakthrough Alliances International, a South African based Company specializing in projects within Southern Sahara Africa. In this capacity he led the scientific investigation and feasibility studies of new projects, controlled the development and execution of the entire program and was responsible for business strategy and the execution of the many different plans through to project proposals and business operations.

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